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Accommodation reviews

If we obtain a reduction in price, it is because that reduction in price is available to that it wants to usually remain to those hotels/pousada (because of a long stay during the low season). That what you read is the experience in a traveller like you,…

Photo Album: August 21

21 August. Ices on the screw. Birthday festivities.

August is not winter, but it is here!

as you can imagine, you from the Nordic hemisphere, than August it is supposed for being standard time. Well, I still used to it have been hour here a year and 1/2 and that it is winter from a impressionabile point of view. He rations them, sure is,…

Arrival, Information and Accommodation

for access of the Internet, he tries the cybercafé of Olind@.com of forehead to the hotel Pousada São Francisco on Rua makes the solenoid, Carmo. To the office of the telephone of Telemar you can also render interurban and and international the Praça Maxambomba invites. … Marina medium Pte of Pousada of the hotel of


. Café Filho 860, Praia makes Meio T84/3202-3223. Of right on the seafront close to das the Artistas di Praia, Navy of Pousada of the hotel pricipalmente attracts the Brazilian travellers of transactions of the downmarket, with shares reasonably but…


after that we it has controlled within to our hotel [Pousada Corsario]. The hotel was more than a resource. It was the hotel that by far better we had remained within on the travel. It has been covered from the palms high and different plants and animals. The hotel was hotel arrendar… of ou buying suit of

Hotel / pousada fundo de comercio

Procuro paragraph, the Fazenda hotel of ou of Pousada. Within ago the nacional of território. Ou di Turismo comercial. Funcionando, desativada, reformas of nessecitando, funcionamento of pleno of em of ou. Levando-If of pedidos of preços of OS of Avalizamos the Pousada hotel Convent of em…

Travel and Leisure Magazine Distinguishes ARTEH Hotel

ARTEH that ago Carmo in from Bah to of the Salvador has been distinguished like one of the better hotels in the world in the exclusive list published every year from the race and svago the Magazine.

hotel - Blog Entries

the Commission of the appraisal of the hotel of the Star-degree of Sichuan recently has published a champion of the copy ugly on the categorizzazione and the appraisal of themed the hotels of the race, that one is before the relative kind in China. …

hotel - Blog Entries

the hotel Gabriella is an advanced hotel of the situated category tourist code in the old center of the city. This fascinating hotel characterizes all the rooms recently renewed of the host that are well that it is the name sink. …

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